Our design consultants are eager to help you design the Christmas decoration display that will
make your home, business, or community stand out from the rest.

  • Free design consultation
  • Professional Christmas lighting installation of high quality lighting and greenery by trained employees (no subcontractors).  We provide the lighting and greenery.
  • Maintenance throughout the season in the event a bulb(s) burns out
  • We take it down
  • Storage during the off season at our warehouse

Dress Up Your Home with Christmas Light Installation in Minneapolis, MN

When the holiday season arrives, you may wish to show your holiday spirit by installing lights on your home. However, not everyone has the time or the skill to safely install them. At Roof-to-Deck Decoration, we specialize in professional Christmas light installation in Minneapolis, MN. Our goal is to help homeowners create and install beautiful light displays that are bound to impress their neighbors and enhance the look of their home.

A Professional Touch

If you have no ideas what you should do to create a Christmas light display, you can count on our experienced Christmas decoration installers in MN. Our trained staff can help you through every step of the process, from designing your display to safely and effectively installing the lights on your home. We can even help you take them down after the holiday season is over so you don’t have Christmas lights hanging on your home for months after they are needed.

The Ideal Display for Homes and Businesses

You can have your Christmas lights installed in MN, whether you own a home or a business. Our goal is to help you create a display you can truly enjoy without concern over setting it up correctly and then taking it down afterward. We understand the desire to create a beautiful display, as well as the difficulty in getting motivated to complete it. This is why we offer expert installers who are ready to give you the display you’ve always dreamed of.